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Smoked Salmon Caviar

Tasting notes: Our Smoked Salmon Caviar is cured, lightly smoked, then packed by hand into an attractive glass jar to showcase the roe's distinctive large orange pearls.

Serve it up: Smoked Salmon Caviar has the remarkable ability to turn every occasion into a celebration.  We like to pair ours with ice cold vodka, which has a subtle flavor that allows the taste of the salmon eggs to prevail. Caviar is best served simply, alongside toast points or unsalted crackers or eaten straight out of the jar to taste the true, unadulterated flavor of the eggs. Go big for brunch and serve our Caviar with Buckwheat blinis or as a topper to your favorite egg dish (try it on our Smoked King Salmon Frittata.) Other common accompaniments include lemon wedges, sour cream, a hard boiled egg, and minced onion, or you can do like Alaskans do and pair our world-class seafood with convenience store starches, as seen in this curious little caviar/Ruffles chip combo.  

Source: Southeast Alaska  

Harvested: Troll-Caught (Hook & Line) 

Ingredients: Coho Salmon Roe, Salt, Smoke

Size: 1.75oz 

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