The Ultimate Alaskan Charcuterie Kit

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Considered a French culinary art since at least the 15th century, charcuterie has gained popularity in modern times, and the list of charcuterie-worthy foods has broadened beyond the traditional mainstays like salami, pates and rillettes.

Enter the Ultimate Alaskan Charcuterie kit—a Chef-curated medley of one-of-a-kind treats from the remote wilds of Alaska.

We think charcuterie boards are the best way to enjoy our products: little bites that can be paired in a multitude of ways, showcasing the curious and savor-worthy flavors of our products. So after many hours of (delicious) product research we've assembled a mix of our favorite products and flavors. You can learn more about our Charcuterie Boards & The Art of Nibbling in the Galley. The best charcuterie boards include a variety of textures, so we've included a good mix of firm, tender, delicate, and spreadable. 

To take the kit all the way, add locally foraged greens, crisp crackers, a fine mustard, some nuts, or if you'd like to add some additional meat to your sea-cuterie, no judgment! Care, attention to detail, and textural contrast are the key, but most of all have fun—and enjoy.

Includes 7 products:

Kelp Chile Crisp: Infuses fried crunchy, salty Alaska-grown kelp, mouth-warming chiles de arbol, satisfying fried onion and garlic with a hint of sweetness into a refreshing and addictive topper
Smoked Geoduck: a large clam with a mild flavor, firm texture and an appetizing golden color; we call it clam bacon 
Smoked Sockeye Salmon: rich smokehouse flavor, brilliant red flesh; the essence of wild Alaska, in one bite
Smoked Octopus: firm but tender, a clean enough protein to support the bright, crisp notes of Alder smoke
Smoked Herring: robust, savory flavor with a rich dose of umami and smoke
Spruce Tip Jelly: sweet, fresh-flavored jelly with a hint of spruce
Smoked Salmon Caviar: cured, lightly smoked, then packed by hand into an attractive glass jar to showcase the roe's distinctive large orange pearls
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I lived in Alaska for years and this is amazing.