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Espinaler Premium Berberechos (Cockles)

One bite transports you to the coast of Northern Spain. Close your eyes, taste the salty ocean air, and feel the warmth of the Spanish sun. Good food brings great pleasure, and for us the greatest source of joy is seafood harvested at peak freshness—hand-packed inside a tin.

If you've tasted our Smoked Geoduck, you know we're obsessed with curious clams. Here, we bring you another crave-worthy culinary shellfish from the Galician Rías, a region of Spain known for weather-worn hills sprinkled with tiny tranquil villages, verdant valleys, sheltered fishing ports, and world-famous conservas.

This product is sourced from Espinaler, a family company with more than 120 years in business, specializing in gourmet canned seafood. Espinaler's Premium Berberechos features local cockles harvested by hand at the peak of the season and processed instantly to maintain their intrinsic flavors. The cockles are processed and cooked within hours of harvest, sorted by size, and hand-packed into an elegant tin and serving box.

Tasting notes: Cockles and clams are some of the most approachable conservas. Steamed and preserved in a simple brine, each tin features tender morsels and none of the chewiness that can be found in over-cooked fresh mollusks. 

Serve it up: Espinaler's Premium line features elegant packaging, designed to be enjoyed tableside, straight from the can. Get creative with a traditional conservas board presentation, pairing cockles with crispy potato chips, marinated green olives, spicy piquillo peppers, and your favorite hot sauce (we recommend our Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce!) Be sure to add our Smoked Geoduck to taste two spectacular clams in two ways. These particular cockles are almost too good to cook with, but if you want to make a simple meal that is full of flavor, try adding cockles with a handful of parsley to linguine drizzled with lemon and good olive oil. Or, tis the season to spice up your traditional holiday hor d'oeuvres with the addition of these Spanish Cockle Skewers.

Source: Along the shores of the Galician Rías in Northern Spain

Harvested: Hand-harvested

Ingredients: Cockles, water, salt

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