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Espinaler Whole Piquillo Peppers

If you've ever artfully wrapped your clothing around glass jars of edible treasure after a trip overseas, these are for you. In fact, piquillo peppers are so honored in Spanish culture they have their own designated origin protection laws under “D.O. Piquillo de Lodosa” which guarantees authenticity and quality. 

Tasting notes: They may look like a typical red bell pepper but are so much more... silky, sweet, and meaty. These piquillo peppers from the orchard of Lodosa (Navarra) are roasted with a direct flame, hand-cleaned, and peeled manually one by one before jarring to maintain all the genuine flavor. 

Serve it up: There's very little to do other than open the jar and enjoy, or quickly saute with a little garlic and use to jazz up steak or even omelets.  

Sourced: Vilassar de Mar in Barcelona, Spain

Ingredients: Piquillo peppers, salt, and citric acid added as a preservative and an acidulant. 

Size: 8 oz

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