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Ramón Peña Squid In Ink

Sure, you expect us to say something like "tinned seafood is art," right? But in this case, we dare you to disagree. When you pop open a tin of Ramón Peña Squid In Ink, you will be amazed. The color, the placement—it's almost too beautiful to eat. There's also something really fun about this product, almost playful.

This is the second cephalopod to be featured in the Wildfish Cannery shop, right behind our iconic Smoked Octopus. Cephalopods are known for being able to adapt to temperature changes, and recent research shows that the global population has been increasing since the 1950s right up to today. Cephalopods like octopus and squid are filled with healthy nutrients like proteins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and a number of micronutrients, making them an obvious food for the future. 

Ramón Peña squid are tender and delightfully rich, preserved amidst olive oil and ink. At first, the product may look and feel daring, but the flavor is easy and approachable, to be enjoyed any day or anytime. 

Tasting notes: Each squid is poached in seawater then packed with tomato, olive oil, onion and spices before being covered with their own ink. The taste is simply fantastic: delicate, refined, and truly unbeatable. Delightfully rich, exceedingly tender and mild without disappearing, thanks to the expertly combined sauce. 

Serve it up: Over rice, baguette, pasta, or—our favorite method at the Cannery—simply straight from the tin. 

Sourced: From Galician Rias, located on the west side of mainland Europe, with the climate and the purity of the waters creating a special place for traditional local fishing and shellfish culture.

Harvested: Net-caught

Ingredients: Squids, olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, salt, wheat flour, ink and paprika

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