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Smoked Coho in Birch Syrup

*Because of the limited quantity of this release, we are asking that you please limit yourself to 3 Cans per order. Thank you. 

After a long winter, the herring spawn that signals spring has finally arrived on Prince of Wales Island; but for our northerly neighbors on the Kenai Peninsula, the flow of birch sap is nature's sign. At Wildfish, we aren’t known for being timid in the test kitchen, and we make sure our products carry the unmistakable flavors of our Alaska home, the story of our exploration into the tastes and ingredients that make them memorable.

When the idea came to us to find a pairing for our beloved Smoked Coho, we knew not just any old flavor would be able to tango with the sea-and-smoke profile inside this iconic can. So we turned to none other than Homer's own Bridge Creek Birch Syrup for a late-run batch of their 2020 harvest. And don’t be turned off by the word “syrup”—if maple were a can of coca cola, birch would be a glass of malbec... 

Tasting notes: Dark and complex, birch syrup’s rich, umami-forward flavor blends perfectly with our bright and briny Smoked Coho.

Serve it up: More commonly used to enhance marinades and dressings than for pouring over breakfast foods, birch syrup pairs fantastically with flavorful fish like coho. We’ve done the work for you, so simply flake your salmon (and drizzle some can juice!) onto a generous scoop of steamy white rice for a simple take on one of Southeast Alaska’s favorite dishes: teriyaki-marinated salmon.

Source: Southeast Alaska

Harvested: Troll-caught (Hook & Line)

Ingredients: Coho salmon, pure Alaskan birch syrup, salt, pure cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, all-natural wood smoke

Size: 6oz

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