Opinel N°7 Stainless Folding Knife


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The Opinel N°7 Stainless Folding Knife, remains faithful to the Opinel brand's origins.  Invented in 1890 by Joseph Opinel, Opinel knives offer simplicity and functionality.

This  knife is for the everyday adventurer. It's a perfect pocket-size - not too small, not too large - and offers excellent cutting quality, with a high resistance to corrosion. 

Key Features:

Dimensions: 7" x 1" x 1" (Open)

Blade Material: Stainless Steel 12C27, Modified by Sandvik®

Blade Length: 3.07" inches, fitted with the Virobloc® safety ring which blocks the blade in an open position (safety of use) and in a closed position (safety of transport).

Handle Material: Made from sustainably harvested beech wood. Features a fine homogeneous grain that provides excellent mechanical strength, is easy to hold, and is aesthetically pleasing. 

Quality & Care:

Keep it sharp. Taking a few minutes to sharpen your Opinel will reward you with the best and safest cutting experience.  

Exposure to soaking or prolonged wet environments may cause the wood to split or warp.  


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