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Fangst Baltic Sea Sprat

Sprat, also known as brisling, is a small fish that was traditionally landed in great numbers along the Scandinavian and Baltic coastlines. Prepared by hand and preserved in cans to be sold as a Nordic version of sardines, FANGST’s brisling is part of their mission to revive and create a new place in the market for this fine fish and underutilized species.

Ingredients: Baltic sea sprats in cold pressed rapeseed oil

Brisling No. 1- Lightly smoked, with heather and chamomile

Brisling No. 2- Lightly smoked

Brisling No. 4- Lightly salted and dried

Tasting notes: Sprats are like a sardine’s more accessible cousin, pleasantly briny with a rich smokehouse quality. 

Serve it up: Enjoy traditionally alongside potatoes, layer on top of avocado toast or a slice of good rye bread, or mash and toss with the oil from the can into freshly cooked pasta.

Source: the Baltic Sea

Harvested: Trawling; although the sprat fisheries of the Baltic Sea primarily supply animal feed, FANGST sees the opportunity to funnel more of the catch towards the nutritional needs of the people. Like they’re cousins the anchovy and herring, sprats are packed with omega-3s and an easy source of protein.

Size: 3.5 oz 

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