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Fisherman's Balm

Ten thousand hours. That’s how many hours it takes to become an expert. Our three decades of crafting smoked seafood products comes to about 262,800 hours, so yeah, we know our craft—and we’ve got the hands to prove it. So to soothe and restore our hardworking hands, we call on our trusty Fisherman’s Balm, which harnesses the power of Alaska’s most resilient plants.

Fisherman’s Balm was created by our friends at Waterbody in our neighbor fishing community of Wrangell, Alaska. It’s designed for hands that spend weeks processing salmon and come home sore, swollen, and beat to a pulp.

Waterbody really get us, sharing the belief that here in Southeast Alaska the best ingredients are those found in closest proximity. This balm contains local fauna Sitka spruce and yarrow to aid in damage repair, willow for naturally soothing aches and soreness, and gentle yet powerfully skin-restoring calendula and plantain leaf. Organic oils deliver the goods while moisturizing skin. Beeswax seals it all in tight and protects from the elements. But most importantly, the folks at Waterbody share our value of respect for the local resource. The wild plant ingredients are closely monitored at each seasonal harvest to ensure plant communities continue to grow and thrive; and Waterbody does not work with those plant species that are culturally sacred to local indigenous cultures, slow to reproduce, or sensitive to over-harvest in our region.

Application: Fisherman’s Balm is perfect for craft-makers, fishermen, gardeners, carpenters,  and anyone looking for soothing relief of overworked skin and muscles. Massage into hardworking hands, sore and tired feet, rough elbows, and all parts of your body that work hard for you every day.

Key Ingredients: Plantain offers a range of compounds that support the skin in repairing and regenerating. Sitka Spruce lends naturally occurring compounds and antioxidants to the skin’s defense and support when applied topically. These compounds aid in restoring damaged or irritated skin and support overall skin health.

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Willow, Plantain, Yarrow, Calendula*, Sitka Spruce Oil, Cedar Oil

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For external use only.