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Alder Smoked Salt

Salt is old as time. A divine substance. An indispensable ingredient. Once a form of currency, salt has been one of the world's most sought-after commodities. So why has something so essential to the culinary experience been reduced to that basic oval container of Morton's table salt in our pantry? Our Alder Smoked Sea Salt will reopen your eyes to the flavor-enhancing powers of salt. It’s a pantry staple here in Wildfish Cannery’s test kitchen— and it deserves a space in yours too.

Tasting notes: Taste the salty deep seas of Prince William Sound alongside fresh, natural Alder smoke. This salt is pleasingly delicate and subtle.

Serve it up: To preserve its subtle flavor, use it after you've cooked your food! Season anything and everything. Perfect for finishing fish and pork dishes. Add to roasted vegetables for a “grilled” flavor at any time of year. Season meat and seafood for the same effect. Or try using it to make a quick cure, or substituting it for the table salt in your recipes for an extra layer of smoky flavor! This smoky salt makes sweet flavors pop, too. Our favorite is sprinkled on a bowl of ice cream (step aside, salted caramel) or directly on freshly baked cookies. Use to rim the glass when preparing our Geoduck Bloody Caesar

Source: Deep ocean water of Prince William Sound—home to the world’s richest waters

Harvested: Hand-harvested from the 36' Albin trawler Eventide by the Prince William Sound Salt Co

Ingredients: Salt and natural Alderwood smoke

Size: oz 

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