It's Not Tinned Fish. It's Just Salmon In A Can

It's Not Tinned Fish. It's Just Salmon In A Can

The Alaskan essence: a pantry brimming with plain packed salmon. Our mission: proving the Alaska way of eating reigns supreme. 

Thus, Plain Packed cans have become a staple in our lineup.

What's plain packed salmon? It's pure simplicity: salmon and a hint of salt in a can. No smoke. 

Yet, simplicity belies the challenge. Unless you're a coastal Cannery in a tight-knit rural island community, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean that's teeming with wild Alaska salmon and you have deep historical ties to local fishermen….

Silent sentinels, these sturdy wood pilings stand testament to the island's canning industry that came before us. 

Back before companies like Wildfish Cannery had the luxury of time to smoke salmon, before technology like freezers and ample supplies of ice, in fact, back in the late-1800's when the first salmon cannery in Alaska was operating just a few miles from where our facility is today, hundreds of thousands of pounds of salmon had to be offloaded and packed into cans as quickly as possible to prevent spoilage. No smoking, no exotic spices. Those days were about volume, utility, and preserving fish really really quickly into a can. 

Now, 130 years later, history rhymes. The only difference between now and then? We’re not in a rush. Ice and freezers and chilled processing spaces are our present day luxury and we can take our time continuing to meticulously fillet and hand pack into the can. But the essence of the old days remains in our Plain Packed lineup: it's not tinned fish, it's just the best wild Alaska fish in a can, with a pinch of salt. 

Our new tins, unassuming but essential, offer non-smoked pink, coho, sockeye, and white king salmon. Make no mistake: these tins lack ostentation but not taste. Genuine, salt-seasoned Alaska salmon, nestled in their own flavor. These new cans serve as pantry staples and offer a pragmatic protein source adaptable to various dishes. Thus, they're priced modestly, with bulk discounts to match.

Yes, they’re totally unpretentious, yet these cans stand leagues apart from pedestrian supermarket fare. Expect authentic, whole wild salmon pieces, delicately seasoned with salt and preserved in a can. And rest assured, you're backing one of the world's most meticulously managed wild salmon fisheries. 



Plain Packed Sockeye 12 Cans


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