Habanero Hot Sauce


Tasting notes: A little habanero burn for your spicy needs. A hint of sweet mango to brighten each bite. Briny, umami-rich Alaska kelp melds this sauce making it worthy of dabbing on all your favorite foods for a bit of electric delight.

Serve it up: This hot sauce was absolutely made for drizzling on your next smoked salmon rice bowl. Simply pair rice with your favorite Wildfish salmon - we suggest King or Sockeye- and a mix of your favorite accompaniments, such as avocado, crunchy nuts, pickles, and crunchy nori. Trust us when we say It'll be your new favorite lunch topper to brighten and spice up the middle of the day. 

Ingredients:  Alaskan Bull Kelp, Fermented Peppers (Sweety Drop, Habanero), Mango Puree, Water, Vinegar*, Agave*, Salt, Conc. Lime Juice, Garlic, Xanthan, Rosemary Extract, Dried Habanero Pepper
*Certified Organic

Size: 5 oz (150 ml)

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