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Smoked Coho

Tasting notes: With the aroma of smoke and sea greeting you, the Smoked Coho salmon delivers big, traditional flavor with a salty brine and alder smoke notes. The flesh is dense, meaty and flakes easily. It’s a pantry staple.

Serve it up: Smoked Coho is a wonderful addition to any grain bowl or sandwich, where it adds a rich dose of umami and smoke. Or do like we do and use it to elevate the flavor and richness of (and add protein to) our favorite comfort foods. We're looking at you, Smoked Salmon Mac and Cheese...

Source: Craig, Alaska

Harvested: Troll-caught (Hook & Line) 

Ingredients: Coho salmon, salt, pure cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, all-natural wood smoke

Size: 6oz 

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