Cooking With Smoked Salmon Juice

Cooking With Smoked Salmon Juice

A dash of Wildfish smoked salmon juice will go a long way in a recipe. Or, you can simply drink it with your other daily supplements.

You probably noticed when you opened your first can from Wildfish that in addition to the best smoked salmon, you received a healthy little dash of juice in the can. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! This ultra-savory byproduct of the canning process comes into being when the fish is cooked inside the can. It's much like the pan juices you'd get when roasting any piece of meat, and everyone knows that the best gravies and sauces are built on a foundation of pan juices. In this case, however, the can juices from Wildfish Smoked Salmon are equally valuable in lending deep flavor and richness to all manner of recipes. You don't want to do this with any old can of salmon, but you can certainly cook with the juice from our cans.

Extracting this rich, smoky elixir is a relatively simple task that you probably already know how to perform. If not, open the can with an ordinary can opener (i.e. - inside the top seam, rather than on the outer wall below the seam). Hold the can lid gently in place and invert the can over a dainty teacup, allowing the juices to run away from the meat. You may exert a tiny amount of pressure to extract as much juice as possible, but don't go overboard and crush the fish. If you think you need more juice for your recipe, it's probably better to open another can and repeat the process, rather than smashing the fish in the first can.

What comes next is entirely up to you. We’re not ashamed to reveal that we’ve sipped it straight, like an aperitif, but most of you will probably prefer to add it to sauces, chowders, and stir fried dishes. We’re experimenting with a variety of applications for this flavor-packed ingredient here in the Wildfish kitchens, and we promise to feature some of our favorite recipes here at the Almanac (We can’t wait to show you the Bloody Mary we’re working on!). Don’t forget to subscribe in the sidebar above to receive updates via email!


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