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Smoked White King

Tasting notes: You can expect a delicate yet rich flavor with Omega-3 packed King salmon. There’s a sweetness from the tender flesh, balanced by gentle alder smoke notes. Then there’s the color. While all that separates a white King from the red is its inability to process pigments, its rarity sets it apart. When you want something extra special, this is it. Treat yourself. 

Serve it up: The ultimate and accessible crowd-pleaser, show it off as the centerpiece on your charcuterie or conserva platter, or use it to add a little oomph to a tray of simple bruschetta. Just try not to eat it all before your guests arrive...

Source: Southeast Alaska

Harvest: Troll-caught (Hook & Line) 

Ingredients: King Salmon, Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, Spices, All-Natural Wood Smoke

Size: 6oz 

Availability: Highly sought-after white king salmon, often marketed as "ivory king," represent a mere five percent of the total king salmon population in Alaska, and many believe the white king's flavor is more delectable than their red-colored counterpart—you'll never know until you try! We recommend purchasing quickly—and by the case—to secure an ample supply of this unique curiosity from the sea. 

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