"Fridge Cleaner" Rockfish Nachos

"Fridge Cleaner" Rockfish Nachos

Serves 2-4

No gooey cheese or fatty meats here—these aren't your ordinary nachos! Instead, dive into a nacho-inspired creation that follows the assembly rules but cranks up the flavor. Ideal for the "empty fridge, can't be bothered to grocery shop" moments—because it's basically just your favorite fridge condiments.


1 can Wildfish Cannery Rockfish with Sumac and Dill
1 box Hayden Flour Mills White Sonora Crackers (or your go-to flat cracker!)
1-2 tbsp. Barnacle Foods Kelp Chile Crisp
1-2 tbsp. Barnacle Foods Spruce Tip Jelly
Garnish with pickled carrots, jalapeno or other veggies, any supermarket variety will do!
A small handful of cilantro for a pop of green


Drain rockfish, set fish aside. Rinse and tear cilantro leaves. Layer crackers, drizzle chile crisp, dollop jelly for sweetness, fork some rockfish chunks, toss on pickled veggies, and crown it with cilantro. This zesty mix of flavors delivers a nacho-like kick that's lighter and healthier. Perfect for a midday snack, preferably eaten standing up—because who has time for sitting down anyway?

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