Smoked Caviar & Oysters

Smoked Caviar & Oysters

One of our favorite ways to treat ourselves is topping some freshly-shucked winter oysters with some pearls of our Smoked Caviar.

Winter is absolutely the best season to consume oysters. After spending the fall gorging themselves and building up food reserves, they enter dormancy and their flavor becomes bright, sweet, and concentrated in the cold, winter waters. They are plump and have a firm snap to them that lends themselves to being paired with the pop of our caviar. The smoke character of the caviar matches up wonderfully with the oyster’s briny minerality. An ever-so-tiny splash of acid from mignonette or lemon brings it all together and really makes this pairing worth your time trying!

While our preference is fresh oysters, we think that this would be excellent with grilled oysters as well. The liquor (the name for the liquid found inside the oyster which is equally as important as the meat) takes on the smoky flavors from the grill and adding a few pearls of caviar would be a smart move!

We would highly recommend drinking this treat with something that has lively acidity and bubbles! Great examples would be French natural sparkling cidre, your favorite dry bottle of bubbles, dry Alsatian white wines, or a sixer of Miller High Life (it is the Champagne of Beers after all).


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