King Salmon Smørrebrød

King Salmon Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød [pronounced SMUHR-uh-bruth] is an open-faced sandwich that originated as simple finger-food for field workers on a limited budget, for whom rye bread and liver paste were the most common and affordable ingredients.

In recent years, Smørrebrød has gained popularity at the tables of the boujee with elaborately arranged and decorated combinations, but that doesn't mean it's not just as easy to prepare as in days gone by.

This spin on the traditional recipe is a quick, impressive way to show off the beautiful flakes and striking color of our Wildfish Cannery smoked king salmon.

Keep in mind, hundreds of combinations and varieties of smørrebrød are possible, but to us, good bread and good fish are the soul of a memorable smørrebrød.

Serves 2-4


1 can of Wildfish Cannery Smoked King Salmon
Loaf of sourdough rye bread, or your favorite dark bread - our favorite bread for this dish is rugbrød, which is a sour-dough rye bread. It is a dark, heavy bread which is often bought sliced, in varieties from light-coloured rye, to very dark, and refined to whole grain. 
Unsalted European-style butter or premium-quality lard, softened, for spreading

A hearty squeeze of lemon juice
Local edible flowers, dill, fennel, or any other seasonal greens, for garnish
Craft dill pickles, to eat alongside
Flaky sea salt and pepper, to taste



Thinly slice bread and spread with a thick layer of butter or lard. Open can of king salmon, flake with fingers into bite-sized pieces, and arrange the smoked salmon onto buttered bread. Squeeze lemon over king salmon and add your choice of garnishes. Season with salt and pepper. Serve alongside fresh farm cheese and good craft-made pickles. The richness of this dish pairs well with a chilled dry Prosecco.


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