Tamago Kake Gohan

Tamago Kake Gohan

We’ve heard the cry for more quick and easy recipes so here is one of our absolute favorites! This is a primo example of Japanese comfort food and it will take you less than five minutes to make. Be warned, it includes raw egg yolks, so if you’re unsettled by those, this isn’t for you. But you can use pasteurized egg yolks as well if you live somewhere where you can find those. As long as your eggs are safe and from a reputable source, there shouldn’t be any problem though. This dish was adapted from a recipe on Serious Eats

Serves 1


1 can of Wildfish King Salmon (but any will do!)

1 cup cooked rice (if its leftover, make sure it's nice and hot)

2 eggs (1 yolk, and 1 whole)

Pinch of salt

Light Soy Sauce

Pinch of MSG (optional but highly recommended)

Barnacle Foods Furikake


Make sure your rice is very hot. Add your whole egg, King Salmon, some liquid from the can, and dashes of soy sauce, salt, and MSG. Using chopsticks, whip this mix together vigorously. The goal is to use the heat from the rice to thicken the egg up and incorporate air into the mixture so that it becomes nice and fluffy. At this point, you can sprinkle the top with furikake. Then, make a little divot in the center and gently add your egg yolk! 

You’ll see that we recommend MSG. Unfortunately, over the years, there have been many horrible lies spread about this ingredient. It is the compound that is naturally found in tomatoes, seaweed, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, oysters, shrimp, and even chicken, as well as a whole host of other delicious foods. MSG nowadays is created through the fermentation of starches- such as sugar beets, sugar cane or molasses. It is chemically indistinguishable from the MSG found naturally occurring in foods. Here is a link to the FDA’s findings showing that MSG is perfectly safe to consume. It is something that we love cooking with and if you give it a shot, we think you will too! But again, this is totally optional in this recipe and you could add lots of other yummy toppings to this dish like shredded nori, a little dashi powder, or a little mirin. 

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